Its your race app template

images its your race app template

The person recording bibs can sync the bibs to Webscorer. The "Settings" toolbar icon is available on panels where you may need to change the available settings The Settings includes your Webscorer. The setup for multi-device splits is as follows First, configure the race with the 1st Webscorer PRO as if it were the only timing device Note that for "Record lap times" must be turned on for the "Multi-device splits" timing mode to be enabled Once the race setup is complete, tap the "Timing mode" option in the "Race Start" panel Choose the "Multi-device splits" option Choose which lap s are recorded with the 1st device E. Via the "Racer Info" panel, you can assign each racer a specific bib which can range from 1 to Note that to navigate to the right bib Use the numbers on the right to move e. Make sure both sides are are at the same sequence to test this, you can tap a time stamp and tap a bib to verify the next sequencethen cancel each tap if they were for testing purposes only It's possible that the sequence 's don't match if the device recording bibs had sent bibs to Webscorer. The "Start List" panel shows all the racers added to the race On an tablet, the panel shows the following data depending on your race setup:

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    NO in-app purchases are required to receive all features supported by our events! Ready for an easy way to find. The app is available for FREE to participants on either Apple or Android phones. All content in your race's app listing is controlled entirely using the ITS YOUR. We have dozens of templates to match the holiday or cause that your event create a full-featured event listing on the ITS YOUR RACE mobile app and utilize .
    All times are recorded at an accuracy of one tenth of a second 0.

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    If this option is used, in addition to individual results, team results are listed as well There are two team scoring options: Upon resume, the app will calculate the next start time to be such that the next starter has sufficient time to get ready. By default, the results will be ordered by "Fastest time" which is the standard way of listing results You can opt to reverse the order i.

    The value entered in the "Handicap" column for the year old racer would be 0.

    images its your race app template
    Its your race app template
    Use this panel to request a new feature Using the panel requires an active internet connection Note that we're unlikely to add a feature to the FAN version that's already available in the PRO version Please include your email address so we can contact you for more details, if we are unable to understand your feature request You can also submit a feature request by emailing us at support webscorer.

    Request a new feature.

    images its your race app template

    Post results via Bluetooth. Bibs in finish order.

    images its your race app template

    There's an option call "Set penalties" or "Set bonuses" which allows the entry of numeric or time penalties or bonuses.

    Inexpensive chip timing systems, high-speed photo products, registration and results, fundraising, digital clocks, scrolling results, kiosks and social media apps.

    RunSignUp recognizes that race websites are the public face of an event; the new template is designed to keep the focus on the race and its.

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    Race timing apps, in their simplest form, work a lot like a pad and hand chronometer would, by letting you punch in finisher bib numbers the.
    Tap the "Race finish" toolbar icon or the "Race Finish" navigation icon to get back to the "Race Finish" panel While taking split times in a race as a coach, if you want your own athletes to show up with green highlighting for easier identification on the Show Splits panel, follow these steps: The gray status line at the bottom of each panel is designed to give context-sensitive help, while this Tutorial provides general help A "Help" button is available on all panels which gives you access to this Tutorial For a a collection of step-by-step "how to" videos, see the "Resources" option off the home panel internet connection required to watch the videos All the help files and the videos are also available on Webscorer.

    There's an option call "Set penalties" or "Set bonuses" which allows the entry of numeric or time penalties or bonuses. If you use Webscorer. TXT file on your computer Posting results to Webscorer.

    This option requires that you specify two values, denoted by A and B that adjust the handicap to the prevailing wind conditions.

    images its your race app template
    Its your race app template
    Exit the app Tap the device's home button twice in quick succession This will bring up a list of running apps on your system provided you're running iOS 4.

    images its your race app template

    The app also allows you to reverse the results order, such that the slowest time is the winner. For example, in paranordic skiing, a racer with an amputated arm may have a handicap value of " All times are recorded at an accuracy of one tenth of a second 0. This panel will show a list of available training videos for Webscorer.

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